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European Football Academy

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About the Academy

The Independent European Football Academy is a self-supporting Academy funded privately by European Football Camps, individual sponsorships and academy fees. The Academy operates in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and in the Gulf States, with a Mobile Coaching Unit serving outlying areas and other countries. The Academy has its own  accommodation for full and part-time players.

The Academy caters for foreign and domestic students (male and female) and football players who are attending school, college or university and who have a desire to develop their football talent to its full potential. 

The Academy also serves as a coaching option to selected players who have attended football camps organised by European Football Camps and provides Full, Part-Time and Weekend Residential Accommodation for players who wish to attend The European Football Academy while attending school, college or university.

As well as acting as a facility for clubs which do not have an Academy or Centre of Excellence, the purpose of the Academy is to provide the best coaching alternative to young football players from the ages 8 to 18 years who are not yet affiliated to a Professional Football Club Academy or Centre of Excellence.

The Academy ensures the highest possible coaching standards and practices by engaging former top-flight and international players and managers to develop talented players to their full potential in excellent outdoor and indoor facilities.

It is the policy of the Academy to assist every player at the Academy to become associated with a Professional Club, its Academy or School of Excellence.  Representatives of clubs are periodically invited to the Academy coaching sessions, camps and games to look at talented players.

The Academy maintains a Computerised Player Rating System by age and position to monitor each player’s progress.  These records are also available to clubs looking for players for positions in particular age-groups.

Players register with the Academy and may play for any club of their choice whilst registered.  Registered players are free to join any club at any time.  The Academy does not act as agents for registered players but does offer free advice related to football matters.

Admission to the Academy

Admission to the Academy may be obtained in a number of ways:

  1. following successful trials after recommendation by the Academy’s football staff;
  2. following successful trials after recommendation by the player’s current football club or school;
  3. following successful trials after personal application to the Academy for admission; or
  4. following successful trials at the Academy’s European Football Camps or Mobile Coaching Unit locations.

Please note that players admitted to the Academy must be attending school, college or university or taking a work related course at a recognised institution.

Attendance at the Academy

The minimum attendance requirements at the Academy take the player’s age, school commitments and home location into consideration.  Attendance is required at a minimum number of evening and/or weekend sessions during the season and 2-weeks full-time at the Academy’s Football Camps or Mobile Unit Sessions during the summer. Players are also required to play in the Academy’s teams if required.

Academy Games, Football Camps and Tournaments   

Academy games are organised on a friendly basis in the UK and other countries against other Academies or Representative Sides (male and female).

The Academy’s football camps are an essential part of the coaching programme, where players get a chance to fine tune their skills over a longer period, while sampling what it takes to be a full-time football player.  They also get the chance to represent the Academy in tournaments in Europe and other continents.

Gap Year Academy

Players may attend the European Football Academy during a Gap Year break.  During this time, students may attend the European Football Academy - Full Time - for a season and play for the Academy teams against top teams in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Mobile Coaching Unit

The Academy’s Mobile Coaching Unit is used in areas where it is not possible for players to attend the main Academy locations on a regular basis.  The Unit, whose coaches are multi-lingual is also used for coaching sessions and football camps in several countries as well as for providing coaching facilities to clubs associated with the Academy.

Academy Fees and Sponsorships

A number of individual sponsorships are available in all age groups, to help offset Academy fees which are linked to minimum attendance requirements.  Following successful application and trials, private consultations take place between parents, players and the Academy, to discuss the various fee-paying alternatives.